WISE California


Cardea, the lead organization for WISE California, is a nonprofit organization that provides training, technical assistance and organizational capacity building around a wide range of social and health services including sexual health education. WISE California is working directly with a number of school districts in the greater San Francisco Bay Area as well as supporting efforts to replicate some key WISE activities in counties statewide.  While California has a favorable sexual health education policy climate: State legislation (SB 71 and AB 537) supports mandatory HIV education and stipulates that sex education must be comprehensive when offered; there are still challenges to consistent and effective implementation in the classroom. To ensure that sexual health education complies with policy and education code as well as “sticks” in these districts, WISE California helps to establish county-wide professional learning networks of key district staff and their community partners.  These networks assist districts in establishing strong policies and procedures to ensure that implementation becomes institutionalized. Technical assistance tailored for individual districts provides assistance with selecting and mapping sexual health curricula to state HIV and sexual health education standards, and provides training and tools to teachers to build their capacity to integrate sexual health lessons into their existing classes.