WISE Colorado

Colorado Youth Matter

Colorado Youth Matter (CYM), a statewide nonprofit and lead organization for WISE Colorado efforts, came to WISE with a history of sex education and pregnancy prevention efforts. State legislation passed in 2007 (HB 07-1292) – an “if, then” law which does not mandate sex education, but stipulates that when sex education is taught it must be science-based and comprehensive – created a new climate and opportunity for WISE efforts in Colorado. CYM’s core objective is to increase the capacity of Colorado schools to implement science-based CSE programs that comply with state law. As part of this effort, WISE Colorado works with local districts to present information about the state law, provide sex education related trainings to school- and community-based educators including a series called “Growing Up WISE” to cultivate askable adults.  Currently, WISE Colorado is expanding its network of school districts across the state to strengthen district policy and programming through advocacy, administrator education, training and technical assistance to promote sustainable sex education.