WISE Mississippi

Mississippi First

WISE Mississippi is led by Mississippi First, a statewide nonprofit organization that works to improve the quality of life in Mississippi by increasing educational achievement and graduation rates, decreasing the achievement gap, and improving teen health in Mississippi.  Mississippi First has been working with the Mississippi State Department of Health and the Women's Foundation of Mississippi to implement sex education in public schools through the Creating Healthy and Responsible Teens (CHART) Initiative.  The CHART Initiative aligns with the current state sex education law (House Bill 999) that requires districts to adopt either an abstinence-plus or abstinence-only policy.  School districts that adopt an abstinence-plus policy are eligible to participate in the CHART Initiative which provides evidence-based abstinence-plus curriculum and materials, teacher training and professional development opportunities, and technical assistance to districts free of cost to assist with implementation of sex education in the district.  Within the WISE partnership, Mississippi First leverages the CHART Initiative by working to expand the number of school districts that adopt the evidence-informed abstinence-plus policy and strengthen their capacity to implement sex education in their schools.