WISE Nebraska

Nebraska Department of Education

The Nebraska Department of Education (NDE), one of two lead ageancies in Nebraska, joined WISE in 2014.  Nebraska law does not require sex education but it doesn't limit or prescribe what can be taught either.  WISE funded efforts continue to support a long history of providing technical assistance, training and resources to school districts statewide who seek assistance in implementing sexual health education initiatives that prevent or reduce the risk of pregnancy, HIV, and other STIs.  NDE also assists schools in assessing school health policies (i.e., dating violence, HIV, bullying, sexual harassment, etc.), updating/revising existing policies and creating additional health policies related to sexual health education as well as establishing safe and supportive school environments for all youth.  NDE, in partnership with various youth-serving organizations, offers trainings during the school year to provide school personnel with evidence-based practices (i.e., knowledge, skills, resources) to implement positive change in their local schools and communities.  


Women's Fund of Omaha

The Women's Fund of Omaha's, one of two lead agencies in Nebraska, is dedicated to improving the lives of Omaha-area women and girls.  The Women's Fund joined WISE Nebraska to focus specifically on efforts in Douglas County as part of their Adolescent Health Project.  The Adolescent Health Project is a multi-pronged community-wide effort to increase sexual health knowledge among youth and to improve sexual health outcomes in Douglas County.  It includes advocating and supporting the implementation of sex education in all middle and high schools using the WISE method, building capacity for STD testing and treatment among clinical providers, launching a media campaign to increase awareness, promote safe sex practices and promote STD testing and increasing access to long-acting reversible contraception.