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Resources noted with orange flag were particularly useful to WISE grantee partners. We've highlighted them here for easy reference.

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National Sexuality Education Standards Curricula Mapping Tools

By mapping state or local standards and/or programs and curricula to the National Sexuality Education Standards, school professionals can identify which topics are currently covered in sex education class by grade level and which are not. 


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State Policies in Brief, Sex and HIV Education

The Guttmacher Institute’s State Policies in Brief provide state-by-state information on key issues affecting sexual and reproductive health and rights. The publications are updated monthly to reflect the most recent legislative, administrative, and judicial actions.

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State Profiles

SIECUS State Profiles is a state-by-state resource that describes sexuality education and abstinence-only-until-marriage programs in each state.  Each state profile includes a summary of state laws and policies related to sexuality education.

Adult Learning Theories

This fact sheet provides an overview of adult learning theories in an effort to provide insight into how adults learn and to help instructors be more effective.

Best Practices for Family Engagement

Best Practices for Family Engagement provides tips on how to engage parents and guardians before, during and after sex education implementation.  

Brochure for School District Engagement